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Questions from an au pair

Hi all, I'm hoping you can answer some questions I have... I'm an 18 year old au pair from California working in rural Switzerland.  I've been here 6 weeks and am supposed to stay until mid-July.  But I want out.  I love living abroad, I love the tiny village I am in, I've made wonderful friends here, etc.  But things don't seem to be working out with the family.  This is hard to admit but I don't like the kids.  I made a huge effort with them at first but they are not nice and my motivation is just about gone.  I don't like the dad either.  I've been offered already two other jobs, and that's only in this tiny village.
How should I go about quitting?  I want to do it in an email because the dad intimidates me so much in person.  I'm not sure what to say though.  The truth is that it's just not a good match.
What about my visa?  I have the feeling I can't just legally move in with a new family... and I am in a tiny village where the townhall people would know I quit, would I have to leave immediately, or...?  What I would like to do is move in with a family down the road and every three months leave the country for a week or so. Is this legal, or do you have to return to your home country every three months if you are living in Switz without a visa?  Has anyone ever quit their job and continued working in the same town?
I'm really miserable because this has never happened to me before.  I've babysat tons of difficult children and I've never had them dislike me... or vice versa-  I also feel so out of place with the family.  They are Germans and could not be more different culturally from everyone I know in CA.  The whole family barely talks to me, and vice versa.  I get on great with their dog tho... and everyone else in town.
So, any au pairs who have quit, how did you do it?  What were the parents' reactions?  How long did you stay after you gave notice?  The family isn't evil or anything but I am really unhappy there, and so are the kids.  Honestly I'm not sure why they haven't fired me because I'm not being a good au pair at all.  
So, advice?  Help?  Thanks so much.
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